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Aastha Charitable Trust Projects

Old Age Homes

Aastha Charitable Trust is bringing out a home for the elderly. Wherein they live their heads high. A part of a one acre complex in Rishikesh, this Old Age Home Will house about 40 rooms in approximately 2000sq yd.

Other then safe and sound condition, the place will also have world-class Dispensaries with high qualified professionals and medical faculties. Proposed closed to Ram Jhoola and AIIMS site, this Old Age Home will be this first in a series being planned across India.


Spread across approximately 2500sq yd and about 80 rooms, this place will offer a perfect home to many a pilgrimage that comes to Rishikesh from across the globe.

What’s more, this Dharamshala will also offer a kitchen and a hygienic canteen where only vegetarian food will be made available. Along with this, the place will also offer free food to the sadhus, the ascetics and the poor, etc.

Blood Donation Camps

Because blood is important in surgery cases, Aastha is also planning a number of blood donation camps would be organise from time to time .

The Blood would be collected in the most hygienic condition using state-of-the-art processes under the supervision of some of the most qualified doctors working with the society. This blood would in turn be provided to the needy and the down-trodden.

Health Check-up Camps

Free health check-ups camps also are organises from time to time all across the length and breadth o f India.

During these Camps, highly qualified doctors will attend to various patients and during this process. Further, if need be, these needy patient will also be referred to hospital for advanced medical care.

Eye Camps

The Eye Camps will first come up in Delhi and NCR, wherein special facilities and eye-testing back-ups will be provided free of cost to people.

Further, eyes sugary will also be made available to them in cases of dire need. However, if medicines can curtail the growth of eye-diseases, the med handy to them.

Handicap Camps

India has some of the highest number of handicaps in Asia. Keeping this in mind, Aastha will be introducing camps.

Polio Sugary, artificial limbs (Jaipur Foot), Clippers, crutches (baisakhi) and rickshaw for lame. These support will be given away absolutely free of cost.

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